Suze Orman

uze Orman commercial by Time-Life and Envision Response



Broadcast Media, Instructional/Informational Content Video


Creative Concepts, Video Production, Post Execution, Media Strategy, Creative Design + Direction


Long Form Commercial, Consumer Video Content


Envision Response has a long-standing relationship with Direct Holdings Global and Time-Life, so when the time came for renowned financial advisor, Suze Orman, to partner with them to release a new instructional/informational system, we were approached to carry out the large-scope project of not only producing the video content for the program itself, but also, for the long-form show that would be used to promote the program. Both pieces needed to be shot concurrently, each having its own different vibe, but overall, still remaining cohesive throughout. The point was to portray Suze in her element, driving the content, while at the same time, maintaining an accessibility to those who are novices in the area of finance and life planning.


Our approach was multi-tiered, involving multiple team leads and crews, and requiring travel to the four corners of America. For the most prominent content with Suze speaking directly to the audience, we traveled to her regional home in Florida, spending several days on the ground with the team there to craft a visual approach that would make her content jump off the screen. To really ground the program, we opted to reach-out to Suze’s past customers and traveled to Florida, New York, California, and Washington to capture them in their homes. To round out the experience, we spent three days on location shooting experiential b-roll and man-on-the-street interviews. In the end, we produced a well-rounded show that has received overwhelming response and is on course to be one of the most successful we’ve done.