Fridge Fresh

Envision Response provides a unique skillset that pushes beyond norms of advertising.


Berry Breeze


Shareable Online Video, Broadcast Media, Digital Marketing and Social Campaign


Creative Concepts, Video Production, Post Execution, Media Strategy, Digital Strategy, Creative Design + Direction


Online Shareable Video, Short Form Commercial



In Fridge Fresh, the Berry Breeze company has created a very well-regarded preservation device. The reviews are consistently glowing, and the value is proven and evident. However, Berry Breeze was encountering difficulties with brand and product recognition, and hence, the sales trajectory wasn’t nearly on par with desired results. So, Envision was tasked with bringing the product from a small, passionate following into the sphere of a much wider, mainstream audience, and to improve conversions in their digital presence to further enhance any increase in sales from our campaign.



We sought to really capitalize on the idea that a good product has the possibility to sell itself if it’s well explained and widely recognized. Our attention was immediately drawn to two products in particular that had apparent value, but started small with no real large brand recognition… FiberFix and Squatty Potty. For companies that do not have hundreds of thousands to spend on broadcast commercials, the advent of shareable video has changed the game. We embarked on a commercial that would be funny and compelling to watch, so that a consumer would be engaged, forgetting that they’re watching a commercial, while at the same time, becoming educated on the benefits of the product, and sharing the brand with their social networks.

With nearly 400,000 views to date (and still counting), the Fridge Fresh spot is a wild success, and we have indeed capitalized on it, with a landing page geared towards direct response and a retargeting effort increasing conversions exponentially. Not only has the Fridge Fresh shareable video and digital campaign increased visibility and brand recognition for a virtual unknown, but we had a blast creating it and running it in the process!