Envision Response provides a unique skillset that pushes beyond norms of advertising.


Memory Sciences


Online Video, Broadcast Media, Digital Marketing


Creative Concepts, Video Production, Post Execution, Media Strategy, Digital Strategy, Creative Design + Direction


Long Form Commercial, Short Form Commercial, Online Video



Memory Sciences came to us with their flagship innovation, Invia, a mental health supplement. The product had been marketed in a different form under a different name, and they were looking to re-brand and reach an entirely new audience. They wanted to create a multi-pronged campaign, including a short commercial and long-form for television broadcast, as well as multiple online videos showing the background of the product/company and testimonials for their website. The trick was that they didn’t desire to embark on three different production schedules with three different budgets.



With Invia, we approached the campaign with an entirely new, innovative approach. With three different types of productions, the argument could be made that these should be broken up in three phases. However, Envision took the elements that had crossover and found a way to intertwine them all. So, as we developed creative and production for the campaign, we captured in such a way that we would, at the end of shooting, have footage that would cover all three scenarios.

During our creative development, we opted to completely break the mold on the tried and true formula for informercial, and instead, we crafted a script that aligned with a documentary/news piece in its aesthetic and style. After all, just because it’s a long-form doesn’t mean it can’t be informative and engaging. Through this approach, we were able to craft a campaign that took elements from the long-form and provided multiple videos for the Invia online presence, as well as a short broadcast spot, currently airing nationally.