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Tableau Software


Online Video, Digital Marketing


Creative Concepts, Video Production, Post Execution, Creative Direction


Online Video, Short Form Commercial



Tableau Software came to us with their latest creation, Vizable, a mobile/tablet application. They were aiming to explain what the product is and how it can be useful for their current and future users. They wanted to keep it simple and get down to the essentials of the functionality and usability. They weren’t seeking a song-and-dance to sell the software. They just wanted to put it out there as it is, useful and beautiful.



Sometimes the most effective way to communicate complex ideas is through clearing out the clutter, so we opted for simplicity. What appeared to be of utmost importance was the interface of the application, so rather than attempting to dress it up, we went with a minimalist presentation, shooting in a clean, undistracted environment, and spent the majority of the time looking at the app itself in use. To establish a trust factor, we recruited a VP from the company to be the face and voice in the commercial, as he lent authenticity and authority to the spot.