Ziploc Space Bags

Envision Response provides a unique skillset that pushes beyond norms of advertising.


SC Johnson


Broadcast Media


Creative Concepts, Video Production, Post Execution, Media Strategy, Creative Direction




SC Johnson needed a set of multi-length commercial short-form spots to highlight the fact that their product lineup now included Space Bag, a product that Envision had already helped build over the course of several years. As a large international company, SC Johnson was not used to working outside of their regular ad agency, and hence, did not have any experience with direct response advertising. Being a leader in the DR industry, Envision Response was a natural choice.



Envision built a top notch team to execute the spot at the highest quality level, working directly with  SC Johnson, ensuring that they felt very comfortable with the direction and brand depiction along the way. Our previously established core knowledge of the Space Bag product and brand was pivotal in creating a successful spot that spoke to both the original Space Bag customer base and the new SC Johnson consumer. After a tightly executed production packed with advanced camera and graphic technique, what resulted was a spot that still airs and yields consistent results, years later.